Profiles in Well-Being

Individuals rate the frequency of positive feelings and beliefs about their health. These responses generate valid and reliable scores for self-appraisal and planning behavioral changes.

Total Well-Being is comprised of six dimensions of life experience: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Life Satisfaction and Life Direction. Deficits show areas requiring attention. Higher Well-Being dimensions

reflect strengths, available

as resources for recovery. Distress levels can also

be rated.


Well-Being measurement can chart the course of mental health over time.

Self-Healthcare® entails reviewing one’s scores for Well-Being strengths and deficits, taking adaptive actions and tracking
the results.


Healthcare providers can review their clients’ progress and coach them in life skills that promote Well-Being

and self-reliance.

Clarity can provide real-time consumer data from mobile devices to all stakeholders in care.

Healthier Communities

Clarity has online tools to map the Well-Being and Distress ratings of covered populations.


Periodic re-assessments display the outcomes of engagement programs to guide populations toward resilience and health.

The Measures

Clarity Health Assessment Scales, CHAS-24™  This measure yields a Total Well-Being score, Well-Being scores

for the six dimensions and a Brief Distress score.


Clarity Well-Being Scales, CWBS-18™  This measure yields a Total Well-Being score and Well-Being scores

for the six dimensions.


Clarity Well-Being Scale, CWBS-6™  Six items, one for each dimension, produce an index score of positive health status:

Brief Well-Being.


Impact of Life Scale™  Seventeen items measure the stresses and pressures that bear down or “push” upon a person:

such as finances, responsibilities and the pace of activities.


Clarity Needs Assessment™  Eighteen sentence completions elicit the motivational desires which draw

or “pull” a person’s attention.


Clarity Attitude Scales™  Twenty items measure positive and negative self-image portrayals; how people want to see themselves and be seen by others. Such “spin” may be intentional or unintentional.


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